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Books & Alchemy exists to help you write a magical life for yourself while you do the same for your characters. Happy writers write better books. I don’t care what Jonathan Franzen thinks. Find your alchemy.

Who runs this?

I’m a writer of feminist contemporary fantasy with big magic, big ideas, and feelsy women doing feelsy things while falling in love. They save the world, too. I believe all kinds of love are important and moving, and I love to explore asexual romantic pairings, women loving women, and platonic love, too.

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“So this was a Merula. This was what the Dead always spoke of.”

Also in Gloaming, by Holly Ostara

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You dream of publishing a novel. The ideas in your head won’t let you have a moment’s peace, but you can’t seem to get those ideas written down… or if you do, the story just doesn’t feel right.

You want to do it right. You want to do it well. And you do not want it to take FOREVER! And you want to love not only the novel, but the process you go through to write it. You want to enjoy writing again.

I can help you with all of that. If you’re feeling weighed down by your writing, leaden and frustrated, I can show you how to turn that around, find your gold, and become a Fiction Alchemist.

The Alchemy Lab

The Author Alchemy Lab is a free online community for fiction writers who plan to, or already do, indie or hybrid publish. We welcome traditionally published and seeking authors, too!

Writing doesn’t have to suck anymore. Let’s turn your writing life into GOLD.

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