I'm Holly Ostrout & I'm going to help you finish your book.​

I believe books change lives – yours, mine, and the fictional ones that don’t yet exist. And it all starts when you write yours.

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Let's Talk About Your Book

Get on my calendar for a chat (it's free) to discuss your book and find out if working together is right (write!) for you. You'll leave with questions about coaching answered, at least one action step, and probably a few good jokes.

The Book Map

You're ready to write your book, but not sure you're ready for book coaching yet. The Book Map is an unbeatable system to map out a page-turning, reader-grabbing book. Choose your adventure with fiction or nonfiction.


I could call it a blog, but we're writers here and I'm kind of sick of the word blog. Whatever it is, it's packed with useful info that you can start using today to write a killer book, no matter what your book goals are.

we could have this

I have a vision of changing the world one book at a time, by teaching world-changing people how to create a book in a gentler, more effective way. A way that takes both you and your reader on a profound journey.

I see a future where we build trust in our work with our words and our worlds, and where the world becomes a better, more beautiful place because of the books we write.

🩵 Preconceptions shift.
🩵 Empathy grows.
🩵 Community matters.

I believe books are the most important invention in human history.

My commitment is to bring to life books—fiction and nonfiction—founded on integrity. The future starts from the first raw sentence typed today. I'll bring the map, and you'll take us on our journey.

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Writing Ritual Creator

Hit your writing goals without burning out Even if you've tried it all before. A lovely, flexible, and easy to use writing ritual creator that helps you create a habit that works for YOU. It's pretty great.


The Book Coach Chronicles: A podcast for writers of books, people who want to be writers of books, and y’all in the back who’ve been thinking about it but don’t yet consider yourself a writer.


Join me on IG where I share about writing world-changing books that sell. Take the Heroine's Journey! Occasional posts on my fiction: mythic fantasy w/girl friends and girlfriends.

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Joyful, Easy Writing Can Be Yours

Writing Ritual Tracker from Books & Alchemy

Find that magical zone when the words flow like honey + everything you want to say comes across in perfect harmony. Write your book joyfully + easily with this Writing Ritual Tracker & keep the flow with my helpful newsletter.