hi, I'm Holly Ostara

I’m an indie author of contemporary fantasy romance + I work with dedicated, aspiring authors who are frustrated because they are struggling to finish their novel.

You can get your book into the world, and you can enjoy doing it.

I love love.

I’m a writer of feminist contemporary fantasy with big magic, big ideas, and feelsy women doing feelsy things while falling in love. They save the world, too. I believe all kinds of love are important and moving, and I love to explore asexual romantic pairings, women loving women, and platonic love, too.

This is the place to be to find magical, help finishing your novel.

I’m an author of epic fantasy, M/M romance, and paranormal romance, a book-lover, a novel coach, and the founder of Books & Alchemy. I’ve been writing original fiction since 2002 and my first publication was a poem that made it into TeenInk magazine in April, 2002. I’m published as a ghostwriter and under my own pen names. I’ve helped dozens of other writers figure out how to outline the right way so they understood their novel structures better. 

I spent 13 years working on my “first” novel. Over 5 years on the first draft, 4 complete rewrites, dozens of edits, and much frustration. Over the course of that time, I started on and finished a number of other novels in way less time using the lessons I was learning along the way. Now, I’ve figured out a few keys to making writing easy, fun, and fast, and I’ve seen this method work for dozens of other writers, too.

You can find me most often on Instagram, where I share tips, mindset hacks, and all my silly quirks.

Books & Alchemy serves to help every single struggling writer finally finish their novel.

That’s the alchemy.
You’ve got lead. You can have gold.

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I started Books & Alchemy because I saw, again and again, how amazing writer friends were struggling to finish their works because of mindset and outlining issues. 

It’s the result of everything I learned guiding those amazing friends, and myself, to happier writing lives that resulted in more interesting and engaging novels that needed less revising at the end.

Now it’s your turn.

Are you a writer who needs some help getting your book into the world?

  • Hate getting the question, “Sooo, what’s your book about?”
  • Have lost all the passion for a novel project that you used to lovelovelove
  • Been working on the same draft for over 6 months
  • Have gone 3 or more edits and your novel’s still not ready
  • Can’t figure out what to write when you sit down to work
  • Feel overwhelmed whenever you think about your Unfinished Novel
Then I can…
  • Teach you super easy story structuring, so that you know exactly what to write with each scene
  • Help you figure out super exciting details to add to your story that keep both your reader and you excited and passionate about your novel
  • Show you how to outline the right way, so that you never ever have to go through multiple revisions again
  • Help you fix your writing mindset, so that you rediscover the passion you had for writing when you started
  • Teach you how to snap off the sexiest answer ever to the dreaded, “What’s your book about?” question, so that you’re never left red-faced and uncomfortable at social gatherings again
  • And, most importantly, teach you how to draft your novel fast, so that you can actually make a living off your writing

Together we can make writing your novel so much easier, faster, and tons more fun. You want your story out in the world and you want it to sell. We’ll get you there. You’ll finally be excited to answer whenever your brother-in-law asks if your book is done yet.

Past authors have come to me confused and ready to throw in the towel despite the pull to tell a story. Like you, most wanted to get their novel out into the world so that they could actually make a living off your writing.

By learning how to outline the right way, you’ll never have to go through tons of painful revisions again and you’ll get your masterpiece into the world faster. 

Write Your Novel Faster with Fewer Revisions | FictionAlchemy.com

Get some focus. Create your opus.

Write your next novel faster + with fewer revisions!

I love hearing from you

If you want to know a bit more...

  • I’m an author of mythical contemporary fantasy.
  • My Amazon Author page.
  • My Goodreads page.
  • I’m a Ravenclaw until I die, even though Pottermore keeps putting me in Slytherin— update! I’m now a “Burnt Hufflepuff modeling Ravenclaw
  • Fandom, you say? Yep, I’m in a few of them, most notably (you guessed it) Harry Potter, where I’ve written and made art since 2005
  • ENTP, Capricorn (Taurus Rising, Virgo Moon), Manifesting Generator, lover of all things “rationally-woo”—ask me about astrology!
  • Likes: Fantasy and sci-fi, popular science, learning about physics and cool math, eternal optimism, having lots of projects going at once, politeness, yoga, beach time, stand-up paddleboarding, outdoor concerts, good friends, Ancient Aliens, the colors green and orange, cats, Minimalism, summer to fall, the Sell More Books Show podcast, and health-hacking
  • Dislikes: Papaya
  • Married to the greatest Hufflepuff in the world—and new mom to the best unsorted baby ever, as of August 2018!
  • Instagram over Twitter any day! I’m also a huge fan of Pinterest, and you can join my Tailwind tribe for aspiring authors right here.

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