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Share your wisdom with other Writing Alchemists! Have you got a great story to tell or lesson to teach? I’m always looking for expert posts, especially in the areas of self-publishing, author marketing, and effectively using “woo” in your writing life.

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Holly Ostara Fiction

How do you publish a book on Amazon?

Amazon is every indie author’s first stop when publishing their book. When you’re ready to publish a book on Amazon KDP, this easy guide will walk you through it. Plus a free checklist!

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Photo of Spinning Silver ebook on a Kindle e-reader
Book Reviews

What makes Spinning Silver such a remarkable, unusual, and well-loved book? (Fanfiction!)

I don’t want to go into a full synopsis or breakdown of Spinning Silver’s themes because other #bookstagrammers have done it first and better than me. I want to talk about why Spinning Silver stands out among YA (and even adult) fantasy novels. What makes Spinning Silver such a remarkable, unusual, and well-loved book? The answer: Novik writes like she’s writing fanfic. Fanfiction to original fiction!

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Photo of wall planter with happiness written on it
Holly Ostara Fiction

7 Rituals to Make You a Happier Writer

Writing is a sacred connection between you and your creativity. It’s important you enjoy it. Here are 7 rituals that can help get you back to that magical place where writing is fun again. #booksandalchemy #writinghabits #writingmindset #happywriters

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