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Holly Ostara Fiction

How do you publish a book on Amazon?

Amazon is every indie author’s first stop when publishing their book. When you’re ready to publish a book on Amazon KDP, this easy guide will walk you through it. Plus a free checklist!

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Book Reviews

What makes Spinning Silver such a remarkable, unusual, and well-loved book? (Fanfiction!)

I don’t want to go into a full synopsis or breakdown of Spinning Silver’s themes because other #bookstagrammers have done it first and better than me. I want to talk about why Spinning Silver stands out among YA (and even adult) fantasy novels. What makes Spinning Silver such a remarkable, unusual, and well-loved book? The answer: Novik writes like she’s writing fanfic. Fanfiction to original fiction!

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Holly Ostara Fiction

7 Rituals to Make You a Happier Writer

Writing is a sacred connection between you and your creativity. It’s important you enjoy it. Here are 7 rituals that can help get you back to that magical place where writing is fun again. #booksandalchemy #writinghabits #writingmindset #happywriters

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Holly Ostara Fiction

How I’m organizing my year to be the happiest writer ever

I love a new year. I love the fresh start and the clean slate and how everything feels like it has so much possibility. Despite how many wonderful things happened in 2018 (and how many blah things, too), I know 2019 can be even better. The indie publishing market is only getting better, and that…

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