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5 Feng Shui tweaks that created startling energy & good fortune

🌙 Feng Shui your Money Corner to sell more books! Here are 5 changes I made to my writing space and home office to bring more prosperity and energy to my writing. You can make these easy changes, too!

5 Feng Shui tweaks that created startling energy & good fortune

Feng Shui your writing space and Money Corner to sell more books!

My home office is in the Wealth/Abundance/Money Corner of my house, which is perfect since I am working on increasing my book sales to support working part time, so that I can spend more time with my baby daughter. We have an open layout in our apartment and it’s not easy for me to create a Commanding Position for my desk, so my solution won’t be perfect.

I worked on my Money Corner to attract abundance from my writing. I’m still a fairly new indie author and I am still learning how to get my books into the hands of the readers who will most love them.

What an apartment (with a baby) looks like before Feng Shui

I took a video of the main floor of my apartment before I dove in. It’s… embarrassing. But I’m going to show it anyway because it’ll illustrate the depth of my stagnant energy. Take a look at this walkthrough of my apartment before Feng Shui:

Video Walkthrough of my (baby-zoned) apartment before I decided I had to Feng Shui it. Embarrassing, but it tells the story—and isn’t that what we novelists are supposed to do… tell the story even when it’s tough? ?

It’s not pretty! It is, in fact, a mess. And I hate mess and clutter. It really bugs me, so you can imagine how stressed and blocked my energy was feeling with all this mess everywhere!

My writing space was one of the worst offenders. I spend so much time in it each day—working from home for my job, taking on freelance clients, and writing my novels, that I knew it had to be my first priority.

Before I took control of my writing space with Feng Shui, my writing energy—and my freelance and work energy!—were stuck. It wasn’t an inviting workspace, as you can clearly see!

As you saw in the walkthrough video, all of it’s a baby-created FEMA zone, but my work space is where I have to work. And for 1/3 of my life, I’m in it.

Not very inspiring, was it?

The changes I made to improve the Feng Shui of my apartment

I haven’t yet finished a full Feng Shui update of my apartment, but I’ve made some huge improvements to my writing space, specifically. I’ve also made some other changes throughout that are helping, but there is room to improve.

Since I work from home, and also take on clients as a freelancer, I spend most of my day at my desk. (The rest I spend chasing after TKO.) My office happens to be in both the southeast and the back-left corner of my house, and that puts it firmly in my “Money Corner” of the Bagua.

Here is one example of a Bagua. And here’s another:

I want to sell more books; I want to get more freelance clients; I wouldn’t say no to a raise from work, either! So it’s a perfect place for my desk to be, but the desk/office area itself wasn’t optimized for bringing in money or creating wealth.

These were the biggest offenders to good Feng Shui

  • My desk faced the wall, putting me in a vulnerable position.
  • I had office supplies and clutter from work everywhere, stagnating the energy and keeping wealth from finding me.
  • The corner was dark and dusty, so good energy was getting trapped there instead of coming to me.
  • The plant and the stool blocked the flow of energy.
  • The orange painting was the wrong kind of art to have in the space, and it brought fire energy to a “tree” zone, and fire burns tree.

Throughout the house, I was also constantly frustrated by having no storage for things like office supplies, and for having modems and routers and all the other wires and devices showing. With a baby who was just about to crawl (and is crawling, as of 10 days ago!) I also needed those packed away before she figured out how to grab them.

Bottom line: Mess = stress. And unbalanced zones = off-balanced energy.

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What I did to improve the Feng Shui of my office and writing space.

I didn’t know where to start with Feng Shui, so I did what any good reader does: I checked out every book my library had on Feng Shui. And then I read them all. And wow did I learn a lot! (While also enjoying some truly chilling 1980s interior design books… the library’s not always up-to-date.) But I did get a very solid understanding of the Bagua, from which to begin my Feng Shui journey.

I knew I needed woods, blues, and purples to support the area because it’s a “tree” area. Tree is supported by water, so I knew I needed a water element, too. I didn’t want a fountain (I already have a cat fountain in another area, and it seemed a waste of electricity), but I did have an idea for it: My WIP novel is themed around water.

What if I painted the setting from my novel?

Repositioning my desk so that I sit with my back to the wall puts me in a commanding position, which is good for Feng Shui; I’ve absolutely noticed that I feel more at ease when I’m writing or working. I also have an easier time keeping an eye on the baby, and having my “WIP Avalon novel” painting behind me inspires me and helps with manifesting!

So that’s what I did! I painted over the orange painting that used to be there (I never loved it anyway) with a view that inspires me: It’s a view of Avalon after it returns to the earth, with Catalina Island off to the left, and the old Glastonbury Tor off to the right—the new Avalon and the old Avalon coming together, just like they will in my next novel, under a full moon.

The full moon represents manifesting and abundance and the divine feminine. The water is still and smoothly-flowing, because I want wealth to flow in smoothly, not stormy.

I also flipped my desk around so that it faces out. I now have a wall to support me, with my “moodboard” painting behind me, and with a view of the water outside to my left. I moved all my office supplies to a new dresser we picked up from Facebook Marketplace and drilled a hole in the back of, to feed wires through.

It now sits beneath our TV and stores ALL the crap that used to sit out—like the scrapbook I’ve been working on since TKO was born, the modem and router, all my Instagram props, and our important document files.

On the sewing machine table, which was already in the corner and stayed because it’s a lovely wood element and it’s meaningful (it belonged to my Granny), I added an orchid, a golden elephant figuring that I found, a protection stone, and I moved over my wooden “open hands” dish and put a piece of pyrite in it (for wealth and abundance).

All of these changes feel so good in the space and have kept me in the mood to keep my desk tidy so that I keep the good energy flowing my way!

What’s changed with my writing (books & business) since I improved the Feng Shui of my writing space?

What could happen if you Feng Shui your writing space?

When I made these changes, I didn’t have a specific goal in mind. I just knew I was tired, overwhelmed, and thought it would be nice to sell more of my books to bring in more income for our little family. I wanted more prosperity and abundance but I wasn’t married to how I got it.

But here’s what happened.

  • I finished writing the second book in my and my co-writer’s 3 book MM romance series, after 3 months of delays.
  • I wrote Act 1 of book 3 in that same series in a matter of a week.
  • A friend connected me, out of the blue, with another woman who wanted to hire a freelance writer to write content for a subject I know a lot about and am passionate about.
  • A friend hired me on to format her book.
  • Another friend asked me if I could help some of her clients with some publishing and author marketing tasks she didn’t feel she could take on, which seriously boosted my freelance author branding and publishing revenue.
  • Things got so much easier and less stressful at work and I actually enjoy it again.
  • My husband talked to his boss and is working out a promotion and raise plan—I count this one, too, because I think he got stressed just looking at my stressful writing/office space!

And all that after months of just… constant struggle. With everything.

I wake up feeling more energized, even when TKO decided she’d like to start the day at 5:45am. I’ve got bounce in my writerly step, too. And I can only see it going up from here. If you haven’t Feng Shui’d your writing space!

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Photo of a desk with a view of trees outside the window.
Photo of a desk with a view of trees outside the window.


*I may get a small commission if you choose to order one of the books (above) that I read when Feng Shui-ing my space. It doesn’t add any extra cost to you, but goes towards website upkeep!

Do you have funky Feng Shui in your writing space?

What one change can you make today to help clear that energy and Feng Shui your writing space for good?

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Holly Ostara

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Find that magical zone when the words flow like honey + everything you want to say comes across in perfect harmony. Write your book joyfully + easily with this Writing Ritual Tracker & keep the flow with my helpful newsletter.

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Joyful, Easy Writing Can Be Yours​

Find that magical zone when the words flow like honey + everything you want to say comes across in perfect harmony. Write your book joyfully + easily with this Writing Ritual Tracker & keep the flow with my helpful newsletter.