Hey writer, kick the overwhelm to the curb & write your book.

This is the last resource you'll ever need to plan, outline, and write your book. And it's going to make it delightfully easy.

The last tool you'll ever need for planning, organizing, and writing your novel. Seriously.

Tell me if this sounds like you...


Maybe you’ve written thousands of words, but something is missing. Your writing flow isn’t right, or the story doesn’t have that special something you know it deserves. It’s not clicking, even when you know it should.


Or maybe you’ve already finished the book, but it didn’t land that book deal, didn’t sell on Amazon, or the readers just didn’t fall in love. What happened? Why didn’t it come together? Pacing, tension, character arc… you just need help.


Or maybe you’ve spend hundreds of dollars on ‘how to write a novel’ books and feel more overwhelmed than you were at the start. There are so many different methods, and none of them feel like your method.

You’ve put in SO MUCH work to find your flow, and you just need that last piece of the puzzle to make it click… to make everything to slot into perfect alignment: your flow, your process, your novel. You know it can click, if you can just find the right way to get there.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to throw out all the notebooks & stickies and just start writing... knowing exactly what you need to write?

Picture yourself never having 20 different journals full of ideas, snippets of dialogue, worldbuilding, what-ifs, and how-to’s for your book ever again. 

All of those Scrivener files, Google docs, Word docs, notes in your phone, emails to yourself, handwritten journals, sticky notes, and incomprehensible scribbles on the back of receipts next to your bed… you don’t need ’em anymore.

Because we’re going to create a single, beautiful, place for you to write from.

And it’s going to make it SO EASY to write a novel that readers can’t put down!

All of these ⬆️? You’ll have them delightfully organized in no time flat, and you’ll never feel overwhelmed with your writing projects again.

Holly Amber Webb, Author

Completely unblocked!

“I had hit a writing wall with edits before I used Holly’s Book Map for book outlines on Airtable, and once I started plugging my book into it, the wall dissolved and I was able to tackle my edits with no problem! The Book Map has examples already loaded onto it, like character arcs, plot points, etc, and the software is extremely user friendly and has tons of cool features to help bring your book to life! I will definitely be recommending this Book Map to all my writer friends!”

— Holly Amber Webb, Author

Just imagine...



You've got an amazing novel that needs to be written.

You’re stuck because there’s so much great information out there, and honestly, it’s too much information. You are overwhelmed by the writing process, stuck in an endless loop of research or plotting or drafting, and you just need to write your dang book. 

Today, preferably.

But you don’t know where to start. 

Or maybe you thought you did, but you just keep going in circles.

That's the exact reason I created the The Last Novel Writing Planner & Book Bible You’ll Ever Need.

Why the heck should you trust me?

I’ve been writing poetry since 2000, fiction since 2005, and nonfiction since 2014. I’ve published four books, and won an award for poetry, too. I went to grad school for publishing, and until 2023, I was the program manager of an entire publishing division for educational books. I’ve worked with dozens of authors to help them publish, so they can make their bucket list dreams come true. I’m also a certified Project Management Professional, since 2016.

What does this mean for you? 

It means I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been in the trenches of agony when you just can’t seem to make a story work, just like you, and I’ve figured out how to pull anyone out of those trenches. Oh, and because I’m a project manager, too, I know how to do it efficiently, without the pain, and if you need it, I can be your personal PM and get you back on track one-on-one.

Holly Ostara

100x Easier to Keep Track of Everything​

“Holly’s Book Map is the tool for writers. It’s convenient and customizable, with endless options that you can adjust based on your story’s needs. Before this, I was doing my plotting with pen and paper, and when trying to keep track of all the story beats and subplots I always felt like I was forgetting something. This Book Map makes it 100 times easier to keep track of every aspect of my story, and I always know what I need to write next!”

— Jennifer Rivers, Author, Educator, & Book Person

It's beautiful, simple, and the LAST book planning resource you'll ever need.

Organize all your messy ideas into a comprehensive, comprehensible outline that you can write from with ease and enthusiasm.

You like to figure things out for yourself, but you don’t want to reinvent the Wheel of Time. You are looking for a solution that organizes all your messy ideas into a comprehensive, comprehensible outline that you can write from with ease and enthusiasm. My proven blueprint & how-to video guidance will get you started today & writing your book by TOMORROW!

Here's what you get:

Ultimate Fiction Writing Blueprint
Ultimate Fiction Writing Blueprint Scenes
Fiction Alchemy favicon

Fiction Book Map

My proven, beautifully designed (and delightful to stare at after hours of writing) Book Map, powered by Airtable, which is the LAST outline guide you will ever need. It'll save you endless hours of writerly agony.

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How-To Video Guide

A deep dive video demonstration of how to set up the Book Map, broken into digestible mini videos you can go through at your own pace.

I'm the author friend I wish I had 15 years ago.

I don’t have a nose ring anymore, but it’s only because I had a baby with grabby hands. I’m still fairly cool.

I’ve been writing since 2000, published four books, and was the program manager of an entire publishing division for educational books. I went to grad school for publishing, and I’m a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

I’ve got literal years of experience running successful projects, and single-handedly growing a publishing program from zero to $700,000 in just 12 months. I’ve worked with dozens of authors to help them publish, so they can make their bucket list dreams come true. I’m a fellow author, and I’m a big believer in your book.

Because I know the deep, agonizing yearning to tell a story—to tell it the right way. I have suffered the same hair-pulling years of frustration you are suffering now. I’ve had those thoughts of not being good enough because I couldn’t figure out how to fix something in my book. I’ve felt defeated, alone, and hopeless with an unfinished book, and I don’t want another writer to ever feel that way again.

This is what I wish I’d had when I was where you are: a friend who cared and had actually done what I was trying to do. Together, we can help you skip the hopeless parts and get right to the hopeful ones.

For most of you, the Book Map’s all you’ll need, but if you like that cozy vibe,I can be your personal plotting and publishing Project Manager.

But like our guy LeVar Burton said on that childhood classic, Reading Rainbow, don't take my word for it.

He really should’ve been the permanent Jeopardy host and we all know it.

Amanda Dzimianski

A masterclass in the art of storytelling

“If you are a story-weaver, this Book Map is your loom. This author-created roadmap to writing your book is the perfect tool for those of us who want to visually organize and track a book’s story arc, character development, and metadata. It also provides a masterclass in the art of storytelling. A brilliant solution for the overwhelmed novelist.”

— Amanda Dzimianski, Editor, Poet + Author, Writing Coach​

At this point, you're probably thinking this thing costs $500.


But it doesn’t. It’s just $79.


We both know you're going to spend that much on books and coffee next month anyway, so just buy the book planning Book Map & finally do the thing you've been dreaming about for ages.

The Book Map for Fiction

Perfect for fiction writers with delightful stories trying to crawl their way out of their heads, and memoirists, who would like to find a new, easier, more sustainable way to write their book, alongside a flexible and helpful organization system for writing.

The NEW Book Map launches May 31, 2023.

$ 79
  • The Book Map Outlining & Book Bible Template
  • Video guide to get you set up and ready to write in 1 week or less.

Not to brag, but people have really enjoyed working with me.

John Hulbert, Author of Yeshua

Beyond My Expectation​

“I was so fortunate to have Holly get my book out into the publishing world. As a self published author, I needed help and she went beyond my expectation. I can’t wait to work with Holly again on my next book.”

— John Hulbert, Author of Yeshua and Journey to Love​

Crazy Deep Knowledge​

“I knew when I decided that it was time to start writing my book that Holly was the person to turn to. Her cheerfulness, easy vibe, and, most importantly, her crazy deep knowledge of planning and writing books hits the trifecta. I highly recommend working with Holly… You WILL NOT be disappointed!”

— Amanda Fletcher, Writer​

Amanda Fletcher, Author
Dr. Andy Erlich, Author of The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich

Highly Recommended!​

“I worked with Holly to publish my book, The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich, and
afterwards, we worked together to build an entire website for my business and the book. I’d highly recommend working with Holly for your author needs.”

— Dr. Andy Erlich, Author of The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich​


If you’re a 100% beginner, I strongly recommend going for The Book Map + Easy Outlining course bundle. It can work concurrently with you, as you learn the expectations of your genre, but there’s simply not the room to teach you every single thing about writing a book in this template. The template assumes that you have a basic idea of what goes into a book: that story structures/narrative arcs exist, that readers expect certain things from certain genres, and that you have a general idea of what kind of book you want to write. If you’d like recommendations, please reach out!

Absolutely. And if any updates are made to the template or the guide, you will receive those updates automatically.

Good thing you get 2 weeks of free email support from yours truly! I’m here to answer any questions you have about implementing the template and help you move forward if you get stuck. But the video guide is comprehensive and I feel confident you’ll be able to soar through it!

You can absolutely give it a shot! I have a long experience working with Airtable, and I used to provide support to other Airtable users, too, so I’m a bit of a power user—sorry for the humblebrag. The way I’ve designed this blueprint uses expert-level Airtable knowledge to make it as simple, functional, and widely useful as possible. You can also try creating your own using Excel or Google Sheets, but you won’t get the benefit of Airtable’s fantastic cross-referencing linking capabilities. Or the beautiful user interface, which, frankly, if you’re looking at something as often as a writer looks at their outline or book plan, you’ll want it to look nice.

No. Because of the digital nature of The Book Map, I’m unable to offer refunds. However, if you get stuck implementing it, I’m happy to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out before you buy and I’ll give you my honest opinion on if The Book Map will benefit you or not.

A few reasons. One, I’m an Airtable power user—I know this thing backwards and forwards and I can do things with Airtable I could only dream of with a spreadsheet. Two, it’s cloud-based and permissions-based so you can easily share it with alpha/beta readers or access it from any device connected to the internet. Three, it has amazing capabilities far exceeding anything else on the market, and everything you need to use the Blueprint is available on the free version. Four, it’s just way nicer to use and look at than any other option currently available.

I would love to answer them! Email me.

As with any personal growth program your results with The Book Map may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on variables such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, Books & Alchemy cannot guarantee your success or results, nor is Books & Alchemy responsible for your success or failure. The Book Map is not a “magic bullet” for writing your book. It takes effort and dedication. Books & Alchemy provides you with a blueprint to write your book and these students agree.

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