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Step away from the chaos into organized, sustainable, enjoyable book writing.

If you cringe whenever someone asks you...

“So, what’s your book about?
When can I read it?”

...but it feels like that answer might be "never" because your ideas are all over the place, you can't clarify your message, and writer's block is your constant companion, you're in the right place.

We both know you’re creative, you know your stuff, and you’ve got something to say to the world.

And if I took a look at your bookcase, I’d probably find shelves of V.E. Schwabb, Michael Pollan, Paulo Coelho, Jane Austen, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Beatrix Potter, Ken Follett, Eckhart Tolle, Isabel Wilkerson, Margaret Atwood, J.K. Rowling, Brené Brown, James Patterson, William Shakespeare, George R. R. Martin, Nora Roberts, Zadie Smith, Sonia Shah, or dozens of the other extraordinary authors who’ve come before.

Because people who want to write books usually love reading them. And you’ve got a long history of reading to guide your plans for your book

For this book of yours that’s going to break barriers, change lives, and engage readers.

And why is it all of these authors can create such magical worlds or share such fascinating ideas in such relatable and persuasive ways… and yet, when you try to write your book, something’s missing? 

The words just don’t flow and you’re wondering if you’re up for this challenge after all. 

Friend, let’s change that…

Imagine next time you walk into your favorite bookstore, you see your name on the shelves.

Holly is a true professional and an expert in the field. From plotting and character development to word choice and developmental edits, Holly is eager to offer insightful, no-nonsense advice on all things bookish. I highly recommend her consulting services for any author working towards publishing a book, fiction or non-fiction!

Gigi Nally, Writer

Working with Holly was amazing on so many levels. She not only helped me to understand the more formal process and way of formulating my book, which actually allowed for more creativity and freedom when writing because I am not as concerned with what goes where and when, but she also helped me to identify paths forward I hadn’t thought of. I am now able to write with confidence, which I am forever grateful for. Holly has a way of making you feel valued, understood, heard, and important – you aren’t just a project to her. She sees the creative heart that you are and is there to help you grow.

Michelle Herrle, Writer

Holly was extremely helpful and has wonderful advice. Her online class on the bookmap is easy to follow and a great tool. She helped me a lot getting my plot structured, something I always struggle with.

Sabine Sapia, Fantasy Writer

Working with Holly was a game changer for me. I knew I wanted to write a book, but Holly gave me all the pieces to make that possible – including the confidence that I could really do it. We worked together to fill out a book map, and she helped me work through some of the stickier parts of plot and character motivations. Holly made my dream of writing a book feel more and more like reality every time we met. She’s responsive, creative, and so wise in what it takes to make sure a book is compelling to readers. Holly is truly a blessing for aspiring writers and I’m so happy we were introduced. Thank you!!

Emily Bilotti, Aspiring Author

Crazy Deep Knowledge​

“I knew when I decided that it was time to start writing my book that Holly was the person to turn to. Her cheerfulness, easy vibe, and, most importantly, her crazy deep knowledge of planning and writing books hits the trifecta. I highly recommend working with Holly… You WILL NOT be disappointed!”

— Amanda Fletcher, PM​

Amanda Fletcher, Author

If any of these sound familiar,
raise your pen.

Wouldn't it be nice to share your vision with someone who can help you shape your book idea into your masterpiece, without judgment?

Dr. Andy Erlich, Author of The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich

Highly Recommended!

“I worked with Holly to publish my book, The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich, and then we worked together on my author platform. I’d highly recommend working with Holly for your author needs.”

— Dr. Andy Erlich, Author of The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich

How amazing will it feel to finally have your book out in the world & loved by readers?

To discover someone 3 time zones away has chosen it for their bookclub?

A lot of writers (new and old!) really struggle with getting the story they want to tell down on paper.

Nevermind having to go out and promote it… because they’re authors, not marketers and sales people.

Being an author ain’t always easy.

Your frustration is REAL and VALID. 

Even if you know writing and story structure like you know your own hand; even if you’ve studied plot development, taken dozens of writing classes on memoir-writing, and are in a writing group with Stephen King. Some writers have even given up completely on their books because they didn’t think they could do it.

But you aren’t going to be one of those writers.

Opening the front cover... your heart stutters as you take a look at the copyright page and see your name there.

Go from a half-finished, messy Scrivener file to THAT.

6 months from now, let this be you:

The Alchemy Framework

1. Chaos

When we first start working together, we’ll focus on eliminating the chaos that could (or has already) block your writing flow. Think: creating the physical, temporal, and mental space you need for writing your book.

But that’s just the beginning.

On our very first call together, we’ll audit where you are, create a roadmap for where you want to go, and you’ll leave with an actionable, easy-to-follow gameplan for writing your book that will take all the stress and overwhelm out of the process, leaving you to just write breathtaking, page-turning words.

2. Clarity

As you get comfortable with your new writing routine, we’ll move into clarifying your message. Whether you plan to aim for a book deal or self-publish, we will design the right path for you.

If you’re going for the book deal, this is where we’ll start designing and clarifying your book proposal. If you’re self-publishing, we’ll work together to clarify your outline and you’ll jump straight into writing.

Whatever your choice, I’m going to be with you every step. As we move forward, I will give you periodic feedback on portions of your writing and we’ll discuss how to strengthen it. 

3. Wisdom

After a few months together, the word count will be climbing higher than ever before and you’re going to start to realize something amazing:

You feel like an author.

Imposter syndrome disperses like morning fog and you step into your new life as a writer. Whatever your day job, whatever your expertise, whatever your skills, you are a writer now, and you feel it.

By this point, you’ll be nearly the end of your first draft or book proposal and we’ll start thinking about your platform. How can we make the biggest splash possible with this book?

This is where we’ll start drafting your launch or querying plan.

4. Brilliance

The goal of every Alchemist was to reach the stage called Red Brilliance. It was the Philosopher’s Stone… the Magnum Opus… and perhaps, to some, the meaning of life.

By the end of our time together, if you’ve maintained your promised writing schedule, you’ll have a completed first draft or book proposal, a launch or querying plan for your book, and the clarity, wisdom, and brilliance you’ll need to show the world your work and make an impact.

Welcome to your Magnum Opus.

Alchemical Writing Project Management is Your
Brilliant Solution in a Chaotic World

You know you’ve got a BRILLIANT book that readers will LOVE, but getting it out into the world isn’t easy. I can take you from a frustrated, confused, and “aspiring” author to a published author, proud of the book you’ve created.

That’s exactly what other clients have achieved when they’ve worked with me for their author platform and publishing needs, and it’s exactly what you can achieve, too.

A Masterclass in the Art of Storytelling​

“If you are a story-weaver, this … is your loom. This author-created roadmap to writing your book is the perfect tool for those of us who want to visually organize and track a book’s story arc, character development, and metadata. It also provides a masterclass in the art of storytelling. A brilliant solution for the overwhelmed novelist.”

— Amanda Dzimianski, Editor, Poet + Author, Writing Coach​

Amanda Dzimianski
John Hulbert, Author of Yeshua

Beyond My Expectation​

“I was so fortunate to have Holly get my book out into the publishing world. As a self published author, I needed help and she went beyond my expectation. I can’t wait to work with Holly again on my next book.”

— John Hulbert, Author of Yeshua and Journey to Love​

Your Alchemical Journey to a Finished Book

Taking you from Chaos to Brilliance in 6 months, this partnership is for you if you’ve been dreaming of writing that book, but haven’t been able to manage it yet. 

We’ll take you from idea to finished first draft (or book proposal) in just 6 months. Not only that, you’ll come away with an actionable plan for getting your book into the world and the hands of your ideal readers.

6-month partnership

Book a free call to learn more and find out if book coaching is right for you.

Completely unblocked!​

“I had hit a writing wall with edits before I used Holly’s blueprint for book outlines on Airtable, and once I started plugging my book into it, the wall dissolved and I was able to tackle my edits with no problem! The blueprint has examples already loaded onto it, like character arcs, plot points, etc, and the software is extremely user friendly and has tons of cool features to help bring your book to life! I will definitely be recommending this blueprint to all my writer friends!”

— Holly Amber Webb, Author​

Holly Amber Webb, Author

Ready to turn your book idea into gold?

Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance, a helping hand, and a friend who gets it. Alchemical Writing Project Management can be that for you.

You can get a writing coach anywhere, and you can scour Google to DIY your publishing and platform needs, but you can’t Google ‘How to be less stressed and actually enjoy finishing my book’.

Well, you can, but all you’ll get is a lackluster blog post about ‘meditate and find a critique partner’ or something. 🙂

What makes this different?

I am a certified Project Management Professional which means I’ve got literal years of experience running successful projects, I’m a fellow published indie author, and I’m a big believer in your book.

Yes, even though I haven’t even heard of it, yet!

Because I know the deep, agonizing yearning to tell a story—to tell it the right way. I have suffered the same hair-pulling years of frustration you are suffering now (13 years, in fact!). I’ve had those thoughts of not being good enough because I couldn’t figure out how to fix something in my book. I’ve felt defeated, alone, and hopeless with a WIP, and I don’t want another writer to ever feel that way again.

I’ve been writing poetry since 2000, fiction since 2005, and nonfiction since 2014. I’ve published four books, and won an award for poetry, too. I went to grad school for publishing, and until 2023, I was the program manager of an entire publishing division for educational books. I’ve worked with dozens of authors to help them publish, so they can make their bucket list dreams come true.

What does this mean for you?

It means I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been in the trenches of agony when you just can’t seem to make a story work, just like you, and I’ve figured out how to pull anyone out of those trenches. Oh, and because I’m a project manager, too, I know how to do it efficiently, without the pain, and if you need it, I can be your personal PM and get you back on track one-on-one.

This is what I wish I’d had when I was where you are: a friend who cared and had actually done what I was trying to do. Together, we can help you skip the hopeless parts and get right to the hopeful ones.

I’m the project manager author friend I wish I’d had 15 years ago. And I can be yours, too… without waiting a decade and a half.

Ready to get started?

First, we’ll book a quick call to make sure that this is right for you. No uncomfortable sales pitch. If we’re a good fit, I’ll make an offer and you’re welcome to say no, think about it, or jump right in today.

If you decide to move forward, we’ll get the details taken care of and book your onboarding call.

Six months from now? You’ll be writing “the end” and have a solid plan for your publishing next steps.

100x Easier to Keep Track of Everything​

Holly’s blueprint is the tool for writers. It’s convenient and customizable, with endless options that you can adjust based on your story’s needs. Before this, I was doing my plotting with pen and paper, and when trying to keep track of all the story beats and subplots I always felt like I was forgetting something. This blueprint makes it 100 times easier to keep track of every aspect of my story, and I always know what I need to write next!

— Jennifer Rivers, Author, Educator, and Book Person


Let’s find out. You can book a free discovery call with me at your convenience. Click here to see my calendar and book your discovery call.

I only want to be your coach if I am the right coach for you, so I take our discovery call seriously, and if we’re not a good fit, or if I don’t think I am the right coach for your needs, I’ll tell you. I don’t do sleezy sales because not only is that gross and uncomfortable, I also know if our energy is in alignment and I’m offering what you need, we’ll both know that.

Absolutely. I give you my personal Voxxer handle so that you can send me a message whenever you need. Voxxer is like voice memo texting—instead of typing a text, you record yourself talking. I’ll get the message and send you a Vox back.

I will reply to you within one business day, during my working hours, Monday through Friday. I take weekends off to be with my family. If you Vox me at 4pm on a Friday, I may not be able to get back to you until Monday, for example.

Yes! And I can’t wait to do so.

My role is to guide you through the writing process, helping you to create the best possible first draft. I will give you feedback on your writing, offer suggestions to strengthen it, and point out areas of weakness, but I don’t provide a detailed editorial feedback document.

After we’re done, if you’d like that kind of support, I have several great editors I would be confident referring you to.

No. That’s not my speciality.

My role is to guide you through the writing process, helping you to create the best possible first draft. I will give you feedback on your writing, offer suggestions to strengthen it, and point out areas of weakness.

After we’re done, if you’d like the support of a copy editor, line editor, or proofreader, I have several great editors I would be confident referring you to.

No, no one can guarantee that, and if they say they do, run.

Do you remember the 2022 antitrust trial from when merge Penguin Random House with Simon & Schuster, and then-CEO of Penguin Random House, Markus Dohle, said: “Everything is random in publishing. Success is random. Best sellers are random. So that is why we are the Random House!” 

Forget what he said. That’s crazy talk. Do you think Proctor and Gamble think the success of Tide Pods was random? No. Books are a product, just as Tide Pods are, and the success of your book is based on a number of factors. There’s some luck involved, but it’s not random. Thousands of successful indie authors can tell you that. 

Whether or not your book is published will depend on 4 main factors:

  1. The quality of your writing.
  2. The clarity of your idea and how well it’s shown in your book.
  3. Whether or not your book is “to market”—meaning, it’s written to well-established structures, tropes, universal fantasies, and if the idea is something people care about.
  4. Your perseverance in getting it into the world.

I can’t control those for you, I can only guide you. What I can guarantee is that I will give you and your book my dedication to making it as good as it can possibly be. But you’ve still got to do the work.

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