So you're writing a book. Let's plot, publish, & build your author platform.​

I'm the project manager author friend I wish I'd had 15 years ago.

I'm your Author Project Manager & I'll help you go from frustrated writer to published author.

You’re ready to tell your story.

But maybe you’re frustrated. By the thousands of words you’ve written and how somehow, something is missing. By writing flow—or rather, the lack of it. By your certainty that the story doesn’t have that special something you know it deserves. It’s not clicking, even when you know it should. where to start. And even if you finish it, how will you get your book in front of the right readers who will love it?

You’ve put in SO MUCH work to find your flow, and you just need that last piece of the puzzle to make it click… to make everything to slot into perfect alignment: your flow, your process, your novel. You know it can click, if you can just find the right way to get there.

You cringe whenever whenever someone asks you, “So, what’s your book about? When can I read it?” Because it’s just so hard to describe it. And maybe that’s the problem.

Let’s change that. Getting your book into the world really can be painless and joyful. It really can lead to rave reviews and consistent sales.

We’ll get you there. 

Let’s bring some magic to your writing process.

A Masterclass in the Art of Storytelling

“If you are a story-weaver, this … is your loom. This author-created roadmap to writing your book is the perfect tool for those of us who want to visually organize and track a book’s story arc, character development, and metadata. It also provides a masterclass in the art of storytelling. A brilliant solution for the overwhelmed novelist.”

— Amanda Dzimianski, Editor, Poet + Author, Writing Coach

Amanda Dzimianski

100x Easier to Keep Track of Everything

Holly’s blueprint is the tool for writers. It’s convenient and customizable, with endless options that you can adjust based on your story’s needs. Before this, I was doing my plotting with pen and paper, and when trying to keep track of all the story beats and subplots I always felt like I was forgetting something. This blueprint makes it 100 times easier to keep track of every aspect of my story, and I always know what I need to write next!

— Jennifer Rivers, Author, Educator, and Book Person

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

How amazing will it feel to finally have your book out in the world, loved by readers? To hold it in your hand, and see readers holding it in theirs?

A lot of writers (new and old!) really struggle with getting the story they want to tell down on paper. THEN they struggle getting it into the world. Being an author ain’t always easy!

Your frustration is REAL and VALID. Some writers have even given up completely on their novels because they didn’t think they could do it. Even though they knew story structure; even though they’d studied character development…

But you aren’t going to be one of those writers.

Go from feeling like you’ll never see your novel published to holding it in your hands.

Here's how easy it can be...

Beyond My Expectation

“I was so fortunate to have Holly get my book out into the publishing world. As a self published author, I needed help and she went beyond my expectation. I can’t wait to work with Holly again on my next book.” 

— John Hulbert, Author of Yeshua and Journey to Love

John Hulbert, Author of Yeshua

That’s where Plotting, Publishing, & Platform Project Management (P3PM) comes in!

You know you’ve got a BRILLIANT book that readers will LOVE, but getting it out into the world isn’t easy. I can take you from a frustrated, confused, and “aspiring” author to a published author, proud of the book you’ve created.

That’s exactly what other clients have achieved when they’ve worked with me for their author platform and publishing needs, and it’s exactly what you can achieve, too.

Here's how a little magical project management can get you to Published Author alchemy...

Plotting Jam Session & Blueprint Development

One-time session. Frustrated? We'll use my delightful blueprint to get your story on track. I use this to write my own books & it's been tested & LOVED by dozens of writers.

$ 277
  • Your choice of the fiction or nonfiction plotting template
  • 1-hour one-on-one session where we get you setup in Airtable and off to a good start on your plot draft
  • This is for you if you're a writer who's tried it all, but still hasn't found the method that feels like it's your method
  • 2 weeks of follow-up support by email or Voxxer

Plotting & Publishing Project Management

This is a 6-month partnership. We'll start with a Plotting Jam Session and meet twice-monthly to work through tangles, build your platform & move you towards published.

$ 2777
  • Your choice of the fiction or nonfiction plotting template
  • 1-hour one-on-one session where we get you setup in Airtable and off to a good start on your plot draft
  • Biweekly 1-1 support and Voxxer or email support in between to help you get your book written
  • Strategy work to help you build an author platform that feels joyful, sustainable & sells books

Ready to turn your author life into gold?

So, what next?

Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance, a helping hand, and a friend who gets it. Plotting, Publishing, and Platform Project Management can be that for you.

You can get a writing coach anywhere, and you can scour Google to DIY your publishing and platform needs, but you can’t Google ‘How to be less stressed and actually enjoy finishing my book’.

Well, you can, but all you’ll get is a lackluster blog post about ‘meditate and find a critique partner’ or something. 🙂

Is this the right choice for you?

What makes me different?

I am a certified Project Management Professional—which means I’ve got literal years of experience running successful projects, I’m a fellow published indie author, and I’m a big believer in your book.

Yes, even though I haven’t even heard of it, yet!

Because I know the deep, agonizing yearning to tell a story—to tell it the right way. I have suffered the same hair-pulling years of frustration you are suffering now (13 years, in fact!). I’ve had those thoughts of not being good enough because I couldn’t figure out how to fix something in my book. I’ve felt defeated, alone, and hopeless with a WIP, and I don’t want another writer to ever feel that way again.

I’ve been writing poetry since 2000, fiction since 2005, and nonfiction since 2014. I’ve published four books, and won an award for poetry, too. I went to grad school for publishing, and until 2023, I was the program manager of an entire publishing division for educational books. I’ve worked with dozens of authors to help them publish, so they can make their bucket list dreams come true. 

What does this mean for you?

It means I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been in the trenches of agony when you just can’t seem to make a story work, just like you, and I’ve figured out how to pull anyone out of those trenches. Oh, and because I’m a project manager, too, I know how to do it efficiently, without the pain, and if you need it, I can be your personal PM and get you back on track one-on-one.

This is what I wish I’d had when I was where you are: a friend who cared and had actually done what I was trying to do. Together, we can help you skip the hopeless parts and get right to the hopeful ones.

Crazy Deep Knowledge

“I knew when I decided that it was time to start writing my book that Holly was the person to turn to. Her cheerfulness, easy vibe, and, most importantly, her crazy deep knowledge of planning and writing books hits the trifecta. I highly recommend working with Holly… You WILL NOT be disappointed!”

— Amanda Fletcher, Writer

Amanda Fletcher, Author
Dr. Andy Erlich, Author of The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich

Highly Recommended!

“I worked with Holly to publish my book, The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich, and
afterwards, we worked together to build an entire website for my business and the book.
Since then, she’s maintained the website for me so that I don’t have to worry about it, which has been a relief. I’d highly recommend working with Holly for your author needs.”

— Dr. Andy Erlich, Author of The Long Shadows: The Story of Jake Erlich

Ready to get started?

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