You, amazing person, are writing a book! I'll help you plot, publish, & build your author platform.

If the thought of getting your book published scares you, fret not!

With Plotting, Publishing, & Platform Project Management, you can get your book in front of your readers, build your list, and start making sales in no time!

I’m here to guide enthusiastic aspiring authors to writing and publishing their books.

You’re ready to tell your story.

But maybe you’re frustrated. By where to start. By writer’s block. By how to even get your book in front of the readers who will love it.

You cringe whenever whenever someone asks you, “So, what’s your book about? When can I read it?”

Let’s change that. Getting your book into the world truly can be painless and pleasurable. It truly can lead to rave reviews and consistent sales.

We’ll get you there. 

Let’s bring some magic to the publishing process.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

How amazing will it feel to finally have your book out in the world, loved by readers? To hold it in your hand, and see readers holding it in theirs?

A lot of new (and old!) writers really struggle with getting the story they want to tell down on paper. THEN they struggle getting it into the world. Being an author ain’t always easy!

Your frustration is REAL and VALID. Some writers have even given up completely on their novels because they didn’t think they could do it.

But you aren’t going to be one of those writers.

Go from feeling like you’ll never see your novel published to holding it in your hands.

Here's how easy it can be...

everything fell into place

"I was literally crying several nights a week over my book. The story was SO CLOSE to what I wanted it to be, but it was just not working. Kinda flat. Holly helped me brainstorm the plot and suddenly everything fell into place. I'm so grateful."
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Kendra G.
YA Fantasy writer

That’s where Plotting, Publishing, & Platform Project Management (P3PM) comes in!

You know you’ve got a BRILLIANT book that readers will LOVE, but getting it out into the world isn’t easy. I can take you from a frustrated, confused, and “aspiring” author to a published author, proud of the book you’ve created.

That’s exactly what other clients have achieved when they’ve worked with me for their author platform and publishing needs, and it’s exactly what you can achieve, too.

Here's how a little magical project management can get you to Published Author alchemy...

Choose where you are on your author journey:


"No More Plot Problems!"
Writing coaching

Client favorite! Frustrated by your characters or confused about where your story is going? We’ll untangle all of it with personal and empathetic video brainstorming.

  • 1-hour brainstorming jam session that will take you from confused to confident in your story!
  • Ongoing support available if it’s what you need to succeed!
  • This is for you if you’re having trouble getting the story in your head down into words on the page. 

Investment: Starting at $275


Book Distribution
(from eBook to Audio)

Let’s get your book published! You’ve written the book, but getting it into the world can be a horror story of irritation. Not anymore!

  • Choose Amazon exclusive or wide distribution
  • Ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, and audiobook distribution
  • Get your book to retailers like Barnes & Noble, Apple, and international audiences
  • Be confident your book is as appealing as possible to potential readers with personal attention to your book!
  • Advice on category research; keyword research; pricing; blurb polishing; choosing wide or Amazon-exclusive distribution

Investment: Starting at $500


Your Author Website
& maintenance

Your author website is your digital home, and the best place to begin building your platform. Let’s make it beautiful and functional!

  • A beautifully designed and functionally-built home that you will be proud to share
  • Everything from a single landing page to a full-featured blog
  • Flexible designs that can grow with your author career
  • Budget options available if you want to start small with the option to grow later
  • Concierge maintenance available

Investment: Varies—let me know what you need!

Ready to turn your author life into gold?

Coming soon: Concierge Ad Management!

I plan to start offering ads services for authors in the first quarter of 2020. If you’re ready to get started with ads, join the waitlist to be first to know when this service launches + get an exclusive early-bird discount!

So, what next?

Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance, a helping hand, and a friend who gets it. Plotting, Publishing, and Platform Project Management can be that for you.

You can get a writing coach anywhere, and you can scour Google to DIY your publishing and platform needs, but you can’t Google ‘How to be less stressed and actually enjoy publishing my book’.

Well, you can, but all you’ll get is a lackluster blog post about ‘meditate and find a critique partner’ or something. 🙂

beyond my expectation

"I was so fortunate to have Holly get my book out into the publishing world. As a self published author, I needed help and she went beyond my expectation. I can't wait to work with Holly again on my next book."
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John Hulbert
Author, Yeshua

And how do you make the right choice for you?

What makes me different?

I am a certified Project Management Professional—which means I’ve got literal years of experience running successful projects, I’m a fellow published indie author, and I’m a big believer in your book.

Yes, even though I haven’t even heard of it, yet!

Because I know the deep, agonizing yearning to tell a story—to tell it the right way. I have suffered the same hair-pulling years of frustration you are suffering now (13 years, in fact!). I’ve had those thoughts of not being good enough because I couldn’t figure out how to fix something in my book. I’ve felt defeated, alone, and hopeless with a WIP, and I don’t want another writer to ever feel that way again.

This is what I wish I’d had when I was where you are: a friend who cared and had actually done what I was trying to do. Together, we can help you skip the hopeless parts and get right to the hopeful ones.

Ready to get started?

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