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Who made this thing?

I’ve been writing poetry since 2000, fiction since 2005, and nonfiction since 2014. I’ve published four books, and won an award for poetry, too. I went to grad school for publishing, and until 2023, I was the program manager of an entire publishing division for educational books. 

I’ve worked with dozens of authors to help them publish, so they can make their bucket list dreams come true. I’m also a certified Project Management Professional, since 2016.

What does this mean for you? 

It means I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been in the trenches of agony when you just can’t seem to make a story work, just like you, and I’ve figured out how to pull anyone out of those trenches. 

Oh, and because I’m a project manager, too, I know how to do it efficiently, without the pain, and if you need it, I can be your personal PM and get you back on track one-on-one

Reclaim your writing power.
The first step is tracking it.

And you don’t even have to do anything weird, like sharpening 24 pencils (John Steinbeck), eat apples in a bathtub (Agatha Christie), or hang upside down (Dan Brown).

100x Easier to Keep Track of Everything

Holly’s book map is the tool for writers. It’s convenient and customizable, with endless options that you can adjust based on your story’s needs. Before this, I was doing my plotting with pen and paper, and when trying to keep track of all the story beats and subplots I always felt like I was forgetting something. This book map makes it 100 times easier to keep track of every aspect of my story, and I always know what I need to write next!

— Jennifer Rivers, Author, Educator, and Book Person

Joyful, Easy Writing Can Be Yours

Writing Ritual Tracker from Books & Alchemy

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